Not Without Us

About This Episode

If National Governments can’t solve the climate crisis, then who will?

Not Without Us follows seven multi-generational, grassroots activists from around the globe headed to Paris for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Referred to as the Conference of Parties, the COP had failed to achieve meaningful progress in the last 20 years of meetings; the COP 21 was predicted to be different.

The film portrays the work of grassroots climate activists as they connect the dots between climate change and economic inequality. Their mantra, “system change, not climate change”, invokes real change that comes not from top down, but the bottom up, organized by social movements in civil society. And it reveals the inability of the U.N. process to address climate change because of Big Oil and Finance’s corporate control over governments and negotiators worldwide.

Not Without Us demonstrates the importance of grassroots groups to empower mass movements to create systemic change.