Munich '72 and Beyond

About This Episode

West Germany, 5 September 1972: It’s the second week of the Summer Olympic Games in Munich. Fear and worry had already been expressed by some over the safety of Israeli competitors. It’s very early in the morning when eight members of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Black September faction scale the two meter fence into the Olympic Village, with assault rifles, pistols, and grenades in tow. So began the first act of modern terrorism, as eleven Israeli Olympic team members are taken hostage, soon to be executed.

With chilling detail, Munich '72 and Beyond investigates the Munich massacre, its aftermath and its relevance. It reveals alarming new evidence and never-before-seen photographs, and captures a poignant 43-year struggle for public remembrance. Serving to illuminate and educate on the horrific act of terrorism, the documentary honors and commemorates those tragically fallen.