Portrait of Harry

About This Episode

Harry Somers kept a dark secret for much of his life: as a young boy, Harry was forced to flee Nazi Germany alone. He was sent to England through the Kindertransport and was one of the last of his family to survive the Holocaust. Eventually Harry made his way to America, where he discovered his own answer to hatred and brutality: painting. His colorful work helped him reclaim his life and is used as art therapy for people in care centers.

In Portrait of Harry, the artist, who is in his 90s, decides to talk openly for the first time about the tremendous losses he endured. Drawing on the power of love and art, he is still able to create beautiful images. He looks back at his life with a remarkably fresh and clear memory, and concludes, "There's only one way to live your life, positively, looking forward." An inspiring and joyous look at one man's journey, and the beauty he brought to so many.