Postcards from the Great Divide II - WA, NV, WI

About This Episode

Three episodes from Postcards from the Great Divide examine the partisan split among the electorate in Washington, Nevada and Wisconsin.

- In "Purple Reign" by Laura Nix, we follow a GOP strategist in the supposedly left-leaning state of Washington, as he works with socially moderate candidates, including a Latino Navy veteran, to win swing districts and change the statehouse balance of power.

- "Swinging Las Vegas" by Laura Pacheco and Jackie Mow looks at Nevada, once solidly Republican. But things have changed as more Latinos have moved in. So what's the GOP strategy to win a changing purple state?

- "Whatever Happened to Wisconsin Nice?" by Brad Lichtenstein, explores how the Badger State has become an ideological battleground in recent years and what to expect for the state’s political future.

Produced by independent filmmakers, Postcards from the Great Divide is a series of nine short documentaries examining the deeply partisan split among the American electorate. The series travels to key locations across the United States to help provide a greater understanding of how changing demographics and political self-sorting will continue to have a profound effect on American politics for years to come.