Postcards from the Great Divide I - MN, TX, FL

About This Episode

Three episodes from Postcards from the Great Divide examine the partisan split among the electorate in Minnesota, Florida and Texas.

- In "The Big Sort" by Heather Courtney, the political gulf between blue voters who choose to live in “creative-class” urban oases, as red voters remain in rural areas. Minnesota native Aaron Spading, once a conservative church-goer has turned far-left, a blue dot in a sea of red.

- In "Post-Obama Drama" by Cyndee Readdean and Deborah Hardt, African-Americans in Florida turned out in record numbers for Barack Obama In 2008 and 2012, but will they turn out for Hillary Clinton in this must-win state?

- In "The Giant Still Sleeps" by Miguel Alvarez, pundits seem convinced that a purple Texas is just around the corner due to its burgeoning Latino population, yet the state gets redder and redder. One factor is that Latino turnout remains low.

Produced by independent filmmakers, Postcards from the Great Divide is a series of nine short documentaries examining the deeply partisan split among the American electorate. The series travels to key locations across the United States to help provide a greater understanding of how changing demographics and political self-sorting will continue to have a profound effect on American politics for years to come.