The Lulu Sessions

About This Episode

LuLu is unlike anyone you’ve ever met: A hard-living, chain-smoking rebel with a tender heart. A former cheerleader and current poet with a potty mouth. And a world-class cancer researcher and beloved professor. Dr. Louise Nutter, or LuLu, has just discovered a new anti-cancer drug when she finds out that she is dying of breast cancer at the age of 42. Filmed during the final 15 months of her life, The LuLu Sessions is a raw yet humorous story about filmmaker S. Casper Wong showing up for her best friend (and ex-something) while testing the limits of their bond and taking on life’s ultimate adventure.

Despite all of her knowing and bravado, LuLu’s last months are filled with the unexpected in which she is forced to admit her frailties and limitations, and to make peace in her life. A retreat to her childhood farm in Vermont to seek stability and solace explodes into a confrontation with resurrected ghosts. Dying becomes a surprising process of shedding old presumptions, values and ties, and urgently adopting different ones. Forcefully vocal and deeply reflective, LuLu makes this last journey accessible and heartfelt in a way that has rarely been seen on screen.