A Lot Like You

About This Episode

Eliaichi Kimaro is a mixed-race, first-generation American with a Tanzanian father and Korean mother. When her retired father moves back to Tanzania, she begins a project that examines the intricate fabric of multiracial identity, and grapples with the complex ties that children have to the cultures of their parents.

While documenting her father’s path back to his family and Chagga culture, Kimaro struggles with her own relationship to Tanzania. In learning more deeply about the heritage that she took for granted as a child, she talks to family members, especially her aunts, and uncovers a cycle of violence that resonates with her work and life in the United States. When she speaks with her parents about her aunts' oppression, Kimaro is faced with a jarring disconnect between immigrant generations on questions of misogyny, patriarchy, and violence.

A Lot Like You raises questions about the cultures we inherit and the cultures we choose to pass down, and reveals how simply bearing witness to another's truth telling can break silences that have lasted lifetimes.