Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Survival & Hope

About This Episode

In 1995, Kathy O'Hern Fowler lost her 16-year-old son to suicide. Although she spent years struggling with the loss and grief, the life-altering experience led her to advocate for other parents who tragically find themselves in the same position. Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Survival & Hope explores the heart-rending questions left in the wake of suicide, interviews parents struggling to cope with the pain and stigma, and offers hope for the future of suicide prevention. At a survivors meeting, parents speak candidly about the loss of their children — their darkest hours — in an effort to raise awareness about teen suicide and to help others find compassion and support.

The documentary also focuses on the promising medical research being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University. Their preliminary findings show impulse-control problems in the brains of suicidal teens, an impressive discovery researchers hope may someday lead to better identification and treatment for at-risk teenagers.