Ladies' Turn

About This Episode

In Senegal, soccer, known as football worldwide, is a sport for men, not women. Ladies' Turn is an inspirational can-do spirited story about the women's side of soccer that starts with the tournament, and follows the people who invest their talent and convictions in its success. The film also seeks to expose both a Senegalese and international public to the determination of the players despite the difficulties and prejudices that they face.

With the help of the Ladies’ Turn organization, Senegalese girls fight to play soccer all the way from small, neighborhood fields to the tournament finals in Dakar’s newest stadium. They win a new visibility that may be a reflection of the role that women are increasingly forging in their society. Ladies' Turn plunges the spectator into a human adventure that will bring out the force, the contradictions, and the beauty of a Senegal open to the world and in constant evolution. Sometimes you need to break the rules to enter the game.