About This Episode

Journeying through the landscape of a forgotten America, @home introduces the invisible communities of people living without permanent housing. The film follows e-activist Mark Horvath, who harnesses social media's potential to democratize and empower the less fortunate, as he interviews newly and chronically homeless people in tent cities, under bridges and at by-the-week motels. These individuals challenge stereotypes by sharing their stories and revealing their simple but life-changing wishes for a place to live, a job and the ability to help others.

The film also explores the toll homelessness took on Horvath, as he shares his fight to rebuild his life while devoting himself to helping others. Experiencing the highs and lows of the American dream, he went from a successful career in television to barely surviving, homeless and addicted, on Hollywood Boulevard. Horvath found his voice again when he hit the streets, armed with a digital camera and a smartphone, to talk to homeless people about their experiences. Today, he brings their stories to millions of followers.