Global Spirit: Sacred Ecology

About This Episode

Global Spirit: Sacred Ecology explores the natural world as an access point to the sacred. With global warming on the rise and the number of animal species now declining at alarming rates, this program asks if we humans are trapped in a never-ending destructive cycle fed by our ever-increasing desires? Or do our most serious environmental problems stem in part from our very concept or understanding of “self”?

Eco-philosopher and Buddhist teacher Joanna Macy meets global ecologist, anthropologist, and filmmaker Michael Tobias to explore some of the most basic existential questions: How do we see “ourselves” amongst the wider family of Earth’s inhabitants? Are our human notions of “ecology” or of “the sacred” blind to nature’s fundamental laws and truths?

Global Spirit investigates philosophical and existential issues of the 21st century, tracing the eternal, yet still evolving human quest for meaning, truth and wisdom. Weaving compelling filmed segments with informed, engaging studio conversations, the series offers an intimate, discovery-filled viewing experience.