Global Spirit: Rumi & The Sufi Path of Love

About This Episode

How did a 13th-century Sufi mystic from Central Asia become the most widely read poet in the United States? Why did UNESCO declare 2007 as "the year of Jalaluddin Rumi"? Rumi & The Sufi Path of Love brings together two distinguished studio guests from different cultural traditions: Sufi sheik Kabir Helminski of the Mevlevi Sufi tradition, and Iranian filmmaker and multi-lingual website host Parisa Soultani, who presents portraits of Rumi “lovers” from her “gathering of lovers” project.

The program mixes knowledgeable, in-depth conversations with evocative film segments from Turkey, Iran, and the USA to explore the depths of Rumi’s poetry and teachings. Host Phil Cousineau explores questions such as: What do Rumi's poetry and message have to offer to raise religious tolerance in today's world? What does Rumi’s perspective offer to discussions of extremism? What is Rumi’s concept of divine Love, or “Iskh,” and how is this love similar or different than what other great teachers, such as Jesus, taught?

Global Spirit investigates philosophical and existential issues of the 21st century, tracing the eternal, yet still evolving human quest for meaning, truth and wisdom. Weaving compelling filmed segments with informed, engaging studio conversations, the series offers an intimate, discovery-filled viewing experience.