Frontline: From Jesus to Christ

About This Episode

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians tells the epic story of the rise of Christianity. The FRONTLINE series explores the life and death of Jesus, and the men and women whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom created the religion we now know as Christianity.

Drawing upon historical evidence, the program challenges familiar assumptions and conventional notions about Christian origins. The archaeological finds have yielded new understandings of Jesus' class and social status, and fresh interpretations have transformed earlier ideas about the identity of the early Christians and their communities.

Through engaging on-camera interviews with twelve New Testament theologians, archaeologists, and historians, From Jesus to Christ presents their contributions to this intellectual revolution. For example, they talk about the quest for the historical Jesus - What can we really know? And how do we know it? The scholars together represent a range of viewpoints and diversity of faiths and a shared commitment to bring new ways of thinking about Christianity to a public audience. They also discuss the value in a historical approach to Jesus and the Bible, and whether Christian faith can be reconciled with such an approach.