Frontline: Ebola Outbreak

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On Wednesday, October, 22nd at 7p ET/4p PT,, WORLD Channel is hosting a live online screening of FRONTLINE's “Ebola Outbreak” simultaneously with its WORLD broadcast. Chat live with the Director and Producer of “Ebola Outbreak,” Wael Dabbous, about filming on the ground in Sierra Leone.

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FRONTLINE, in collaboration with the Channel 4 foreign affairs series Unreported World, travels to the epicenter of the Ebola crisis to see firsthand how and why the outbreak has spiraled out of control — and to meet the families being devastated by the deadly virus, and the health workers trying to stop it.

The team goes inside an emergency field hospital run by Doctors Without Borders, where the morgue is overflowing, and victims keep on coming. They also follows an investigator from Sierra Leone’s Ebola surveillance unit, who despite the risks, travels into villages looking for victims — and trying to identify and isolate everyone they might have come into contact with.

Frontline: Ebola Outbreak

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