Filipino American Lives: Delano Manongs & Jeepney

About This Episode

Director Marissa Aroy puts the spotlight on trailblazing labor organizer Larry Itliong in The Delano Manongs. Itliong and the Filipino farm workers instigated a defining moment in the American farm labor movements. Often overlooked in history, Itliong help lead Filipino, Chicanos and other ethnic farm workers in the Delano California Grape Strike of 1965 which, then brought about the creation of the United Farm Workers Union. The documentary uses interviews as well as archival and present-day footage to illustrate a story that highlights the many struggles and achievements of the movement.

The artistic and vibrant modes of public transportation known as the jeepney represent a totem of tradition in the Philippines. Director Esy Casey and Sarah Friedland goes beyond the exterior of the decorated ex-WWII military vehicles and follows the lives of three people who share a connection to the jeepney: Gerry, a witty driver who has deep affection for tradition; Lhudz, whose remarkable artwork appears on the vehicles; and Manny, who grew up near a US military base and watched the evolution of the jeepney. With the vivid and historically rich jeepney, the documentary Jeepney uncovers deeply personal stories and the effects of globalization.

JEEPNEY trailer: from Perinspire on Vimeo.

Hosted by actor and singer Lea Salonga, Filipino American Lives is a limited series that showcases the richness of the Filipino American experience and the nuanced cultural and historical relationship between the US and the Philippines.