El General

About This Episode

In 1910, a revolution erupted in Mexico. Among its rallying cries was “the right to vote.” Nearly a century later, “Sufragio Efectivo” is heard again as thousands take to the streets.

In his time, Mexican president Plutarco Elias Calles (1924-1928) was one of Mexico’s most controversial revolutionary figures. Called “el Bolshevique” and “el Jefe Maximo” (the foremost chief), the acclaimed “father of modern Mexico" is remembered today as “el Quema-Curas” (priest-burner), a dictator that ruled through puppet presidents until he was exiled in 1936. With the use of her grandmother’s recordings and a legacy that filmmaker Natalia Almada inherited as the great-granddaughter of Calles, El General is a portrait of a family and a country under the shadow of the past.