Women Soldiers: To See If I'm Smiling and The Reluctant Revolutionary

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Women Soldiers: To See If I'm Smiling
Israel is the only country where 18-year-old girls are drafted for compulsory military service. Although not directly involved in armed operations, they offer a unique perspective on the strained relationship between Israelis and Palestinians. Each young woman speaks about what she has seen and done, how she tried to make sense of this world, and to reconcile the experience within themselves. Stripped of their army uniforms, it is clear that their two years of service has left an unforgettable impression on each of them.

The Reluctant Revolutionary
Revolution is breaking out in Yemen and filmmaker Sean McAllister is at the center of the action. McAllister, originally documenting the decline of tourism in Yemen with the genial tour guide Kais, is now submerged in a full-scale popular uprising. As tourists flee the country, Kais’s debts begin to pile up for him and his pregnant wife, who has handed him an ultimatum. Now, Kais finds himself at the epicenter of protests in Change Square.