Drugged Driving

About This Episode

On any day, at any time, the person driving in the next lane could be impaired. Increasingly, health care, safety and law enforcement experts point to a dangerous new trend -- driving impaired from illegal drugs, pills or even common prescription medicines. The threat is the greatest during the evening hours on weekends when as many as one in four drivers could be impaired, according to studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Drugged Driving addresses this new and dangerous trend and what is being done to improve safety. It explores how medications can impair vision and balance, cause drowsiness or even render a driver unconscious.

The documentary also looks at research being conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Mind and Brain Health Labs. The lab uses car simulations and real-time driving data studies to learn how brain activity affects real-world behavior. University researchers are examining connections between personal medical needs, reasoning and reactions.