Constitution USA with Peter Sagal: Built to Last?

About This Episode

In the final leg of the journey, Peter Sagal's travel to Iceland prompts him to consider the longevity of the U.S Constitution. He'll look into the incredibly difficult process the framers set up for amending the Constitution; there have only been 27 amendments in 225 years.

Built to Last? will feature the story of the failed Equal Rights Amendment, sex discrimination, and how Title IX helped to promote girls’ sports programs. We’ll revisit the story of Watergate and see how the system of checks and balances prevented the president from overstepping his power. Peter also travels to Washington and beyond to talk about threats to our national charter today.

To end the series, "Constitution USA with Peter Sagal" reflects on what has kept our Constitution alive and allowed it to stay relevant. It is a deeply human document. Its creation was not a miracle of perfection. As scholar Akhil Reed Amar tells Peter, “It’s this epic, flawed, spectacular conversation over more than two centuries and it’s still going on. It’s a great gift.”