Coming Back with Wes Moore: Moving Forward

About This Episode

Wes Moore highlights the drive veterans often have of finding a new mission. He revisits Taylor Urruela, a student and athlete finding meaning in Vet Sports, an organization he co-founded that helps veterans socialize through playing sports. Continuing to help others through comedy, Bobby Henline is working to overcome his PTSD and fix his relationship with his family. Earl Johnson, whose lies have caught up with him, struggles to keep his mission of revitalizing the Oliver.

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth was a helicopter pilot in Iraq and the survivor of a crash that caused her to lose both of her legs. In honor of those who saved her, Tammy's mission is to continue serving the public and be a voice for fellow vets. Finally, Wes meets Stacy Pearsall, a war photographer hit by an IED in Iraq and now suffers with mild brain damage. Though she was told she'd never be able to be the photographer she once was, Stacy now travels the country taking portraits of veterans as part of the Veteran's Portraits Project.

Coming Back with Wes Moore tells the story of best-selling author and U.S. army veteran Wes Moore's search for answers to some of the most difficult questions facing veterans returning from war. Moore’s journey, spurred by the suicide of one of his oldest friends and a fellow officer, takes him into the personal lives of different soldiers as they attempt to reintegrate into society.