Coming Back with Wes Moore: Fitting In

About This Episode

Wes Moore reflects on the idea of fitting in when you are fundamentally changed by war. He meets Bobby Henline, a veteran with burns over 40 percent of his body, who has found himself as a stand-up comedian yet continues to struggle with PTSD. Now a University of Tampa student, Taylor Urruela plans to try out for their baseball team even though he lost his right leg and lives with a prosthetic limb. Earl Johnson is working to remake his Baltimore neighborhood but his past military service comes into question, revealing a series of secrets that even his wife is unaware of.

Wes also follows up with Andy Clark who is preparing to return to Afghanistan as a military contractor, and Brad Farnsley as he struggles to accept his situation at the Warrior Transition Unit.

Coming Back with Wes Moore tells the story of best-selling author and U.S. army veteran Wes Moore's search for answers to some of the most difficult questions facing veterans returning from war. Moore’s journey, spurred by the suicide of one of his oldest friends and a fellow officer, takes him into the personal lives of different soldiers as they attempt to reintegrate into society.