Bringing the Fallen Home

About This Episode

This is a powerful and emotional film about real American heroes — the brave fallen warriors who gave everything, and the brave families they left behind. The families in the film voluntarily opened their homes to the filmmakers because they wanted to be a voice for their fallen loved ones and remind Americans of the great sacrifices being made to keep our country safe. By watching this film you honor those fallen heroes.

Bringing the Fallen Home is the story of America's fallen warriors, their families and those charged with the solemn responsibility of ensuring dignity and honor to the fallen and care and support to families of the fallen. Giving a voice for family members to tell the story of their fallen loved ones, the documentary recollects their experiences at Dover Air Force Base for the solemn dignified transfer of their loved one's remains. More than 20 family members opened up their homes to the filmmakers to share their heartbreaking and heartwarming stories that remind all Americans of the great sacrifices made every day for America's freedom.