Breadfruit & Open Spaces

About This Episode

Breadfruit & Open Spaces explores the journey of a group of Pacific Islander immigrants from the Federated States of Micronesia who are now living on Guam. This documentary profiles their struggle to hold their ground and find a voice on a new island, while maintaining ties to their families on their home island of Chuuk. The film is shot in an intimate, backyard style and gives a rare look into the personal lives of Pacific Islander immigrants who work and attend school on Guam and enjoy living in open spaces where families gather and traditional foods are grown.

These new migrants are living a dream come true. They moved to Guam determined to find work and to send their children to “American” schools, and they have worked hard to purchase land where they can build homes and plant crops for their families. Because of this, they are devastated when the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threatens to evict them. With their new livelihood at stake, the residents organize and fight back.