Around The Corner with John McGivern: Around The Map In Se Wisconsin

About This Episode

This episode is not community specific. What we chose were 12 organizations/places/people we wanted to cover in southeastern Wisconsin because…well, because we wanted to. The producers all got to pick based on their own curiosities. The only rule was that we had to be able to shoot at least three segments in one day and be back to the station in time for dinner every night.

What does it say about a group who chooses Jones Island, a bell museum, Frank Lloyd Wright, pizza, ice cream and the Zoo? It says that apparently we’re not all interested in the same things, but we are all really glad this worked out because we loved it. A special thanks to everyone in this episode for saying “Yes” instead of “Why?” Whether by region or by community, it’s awesome to work in Wisconsin!

Around the Corner with John McGivern shows you all the rich and vibrant history of Wisconsin through its diverse neighborhoods. Hear local stories as old as the state itself then see up-and-coming small businesses. Join John McGivern as he explores living, working and playing in these one of a kind communities. From Milwaukee PBS.