Around The Corner with John McGivern: Grafton

About This Episode

In the talent category, Grafton has it covered with the artists and businesses at The Arts Mill, and the incredible band, Life in a Tree. In the Make-a-Difference category, you’re not going to find better representatives than Mel’s Charities and Josh Davis-Joiner’s friends. In the personality category, banjo player Mike Gregory and Christmas tree farmers Lisa and Rick O’Malley were too much fun. And on the Around the Corner judging sheets, there’s also the best tasting category - of course - which was well satisfied by Lake Winds Elk Farm (elk sticks…delicious!), Slow Poke Local Foods (kiefer - who knew?) and Atlas BBQ (yum!).

We could never choose one community as Miss Wisconsin because there are too many worthy contestants (and because we’re not stupid, thank you very much), but for Miss Congeniality of Season 6, we have a winner! And Grafton, it’s you! Congratulations!

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