Around The Corner with John McGivern: Fish Creek with Ephraim

About This Episode

Fish Creek and Ephraim are just minutes away from each other in Door County. And while these communities are really different, they are both part of the same wonderful Door County experience. We’re on the Bay (west) side, in the middle of the Door – also known as the “busy” side. Yes, we had a full agenda, as do most tourists who come to this part of Door County, but this turned out to be one of the most relaxing episodes of the season because that’s how Fish Creek and Ephraim are. You can’t help but walk a little slower, talk a little less and smile a little more.

Well, John didn’t follow suit on the talk a little less part because he visited with some fascinating people! We had to go to an orchard. And we had to visit a gallery. And since John gets to go where he wants, the visit includes both famous theater groups.

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