Around The Corner with John McGivern: Beloit

About This Episode

Beloit really surprised us - and we’re not easily surprised. This is a city with a great, paradoxical spirit. Polished and rustic, sophisticated and folksy, old and new, serious and whimsical.

Highlights? Forward thinking companies like Universal AET and Acculynx housed in renovated spaces. The old Beckman Mill made to work like new again. Thousands of angels under the roof of an old church. And no kidding, some of the best food of the season! John literally ate his way through Beloit - and enjoyed every bite at Bushel & Peck’s, Merrill and Houston’s and the 615 Club.

But it was the fun, hardworking people who made our time in Beloit a week to remember. Yep, the people...and the Ironworks! You have to see this reinvigorated area. The Ironworks is just really cool. And since we love cool, we love Beloit!

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