Looks Like Laury, Sounds Like Laury

About This Episode

What would you do if you started to disappear?

On the first day of shooting the documentary, Laury Sacks, the film's subject, faces the camera and squarely asks: "What do I hope for?" At the age of 45, Laury, an ebullient actress and the doting mother of two small children, had a reputation as the quickest wit in the room. At the age of 46, she began forgetting words. Soon she could barely speak.

For one year, filmmakers Pamela Hogan and Connie Shulman follow Laury in her long, inexorable descent to fronto-temporal dementia, a little-understood disease that strikes people in the prime of life. It is the profoundly personal portrait of a woman who is facing the unthinkable and the impact her progressive disease has on loved ones.
Following the television broadcast premiere, host Natasha Del Toro discusses the impact on caregivers for those suffering from dementia with Nicole McGurin, Alzheimer's Association, MA/NH Chapter.