Rachel Is

About This Episode

Rachel is mysterious, funny, difficult and full of contradictions but she wants what most people her age want -- to move out of her mother's house. This dream of independence seems impossible. Rachel, who is developmentally disabled, can't be left alone and the social services needed for her to live an "adult life" are unavailable.

Her mother Jane is at her breaking point. The relationship between mother and daughter is full of fighting and frustrations with both wanting independence from each other but it comes at a cost. What is Jane willing to sacrifice for Rachel to be independent? And what happens to a parent when they don't have the support they need to give their child a good life?

Rachel Is is an honest, heartbreaking and funny film about parenthood, disability, and the universal struggle for happiness. It captures the most raw and revealing moments of Rachel and Jane's relationship. Filmmaker, and Rachel's sister, Charlotte Glynn dives into her family's life in order to understand how Rachel sees the world and how the world sees her.

After the film, America ReFramed host Natasha del Toro, The New York Times writer Amy Harmon, and author Susan Senator talk about neurodiversity, and how individuals, families and communities can help adults with developmental disabilities transition into living independent lives.