About This Episode

Since 1996, the United States has implemented a policy of repatriation of all foreign residents who have been convicted of crimes. For three years, filmmakers Rachèle Magloire and Chantal Regnault followed criminal deportees from North America, who are members of a unique group of outcasts in Haiti.

A new life begins for the deportees in an environment that is completely unfamiliar and quite hostile. Most of them have not been on Haitian soil since they were very young children and many no longer have family on the island. They also speak little, if any, Creole. Some struggle with addiction and others are coping with mental illness. Most have very limited financial means with which to manage any sort of reintegration.

And Haitians are generally less than welcoming. They know that these North Americans have committed crimes and view them with suspicion. Through a series of individual portraits, Deported gives voice to the former offenders and their families. Viewers are left to ponder the multifaceted impact of repatriation and whether it creates more problems than it solves.

Deported is a part of AfroPop's Caribbean Heritage Month collection.