My Africa Is & Native Sun

About This Episode

My Africa Is
Africa is quickly changing with an influx of young talent creating new opportunities. The continent has a vibrant, creative and vast youth population and the West has yet to fully tap into their dynamic and diverse stories. My Africa Is reframes Africa’s culture through stories of the innovation and creativity of burgeoning groupings of youth that stray from the traditional culture to create a new Africa.

Beginning in Kenya, peer into the soul and spirit of Nairobi through three stories of innovation; meet game developers who create African superheroes to inspire Kenyan youth; a self-taught engineer who builds drones as a solution to Kenya’s poaching problem as well trains youth in the technology to build human capacity; and two punk rock bands that are part of a growing rock scene. Finally, the introduction of Nairobi, a restless and bustling metropolis with a musicality and energy that only locals can fathom. Meet the Africa that we don’t know but is the reality of millions.

Native Sun
Native Sun follows Mumin, a precocious young boy who makes the long trip to Accra from his home in the Ghana’s rural northern region. He leaves having just experienced his mother's death; her last words to him was a directive to find the father he has never met in Accra. Along the journey, he experiences Ghana as only a child can, and in so, doing expands our view of what the continent is and what it will be.

My Africa Is and Native Sun, as part of the series AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, are a bronze winner in the 37th Annual Telly Awards.