America By The Numbers: The Deciders

About This Episode

America By The Numbers examines voters whose power and influence are growing in the 2016 election special The New Deciders. The program explores individual communities and demographic groups that are redefining the electoral landscape in four stories.

In Cleveland, Ohio, ABTN explores how the the growing Arab American population in the U.S. is countering the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric heard on the campaign trail by becoming more involved in electoral politics; the largest voting-eligible group in the nation, millennials are participating in politics and ABTN focuses on some of the most politically engaged youth in the country – African Americans in North Carolina; see which candidates and issues are gaining traction among Latino Evangelicals as ABTN documents the power and influence of super-churches on this voting bloc in Orlando; and in Southern California, ABTN will look at a state senate race between two Asian American candidates to assess the political behavior of the Asian American and Pacific Islander population and their voting patterns in the future.

America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa is an innovative documentary series, revealing how dramatic changes in the country’s demographics are playing out in mainstream USA.