Our Private Idaho

About This Episode

50 - Over 50% of U.S. cities have majority non-white populations

73 - Whites account for 73% of the growth of US exurbs

63 - Overall percentage of whites in the U.S.

92 - Percentage of whites in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

American suburbs are becoming more diverse, but the “exurbs” that surround them remain overwhelmingly white. In fact, while whites account for only 8% of total U.S. population growth, they make up 73% of growth in exurban areas. "America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa" visits Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — a town that successfully ousted the Aryan Nations in 2000, but remains over 94% white. We explore both the allure and the complexity of living in a homogenous community.

"America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa" is a new and innovative documentary series, revealing how dramatic changes in the country’s demographics are playing out in mainstream USA.