About This Episode

Talib Kweli’s journey to Hip Hop is unlike any other. Instead of growing up in a broken home in the ghetto, he was raised by professional academics in a loving family. When his friends in Brooklyn were dropping out, he attended private school. But his unique upbringing is reflected within his lyrics. Rising through the ranks of music in the early 90’s, his collaborations with producer Hi-Tek and rapper Mos Def led to high critical acclaim and mainstream recognition.

Kweli's early exposure to a wide scope of thinking and intellect gives his music a spirituality and philosophy not often found in Hip Hop music. He's collaborated with a virtual Who’s Who of musicians through the years while founding the iconic groups Black Star, Reflection Eternal, and Idle Warship. Kweli's music celebrates the virtues of social, political, and spiritual awareness in place of traditional hip hop themes such as drugs and violence. He has released a total of 9 solo albums to date and large number of collaborations with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.