YOUR VOICE, YOUR STORY: Michael Eric Dyson

About This Episode

Michael Eric Dyson was born to working-class African American parents outside of Detroit, Michigan and credits his upbringing for his determination and strong work ethic. Dyson became an ordained Baptist minister at the age of 19 and obtained his masters and PHD degrees in religion from Princeton University. Dyson taught at a number of universities including Columbia, Depaul, UNC at Chapel Hill, and the University of Pennsylvania before becoming a professor of sociology at Georgetown University in 2007. He is an acclaimed author, academic, lecturer, and radio host.

Author of 16 books focusing primarily on modern black figures, social commentary, and class issues within the African American community, Dr. Dyson has been named one of the 40 Most Inspiring African Americans by Essence and one of the top 100 most influential African Americans by Ebony Magazine.

Michael Eric Dyson continues to appear as a regular commentator on NPR, CNN. MSNBC, and Real Time with Bill Maher.