About This Episode

Joseph Thomas Morton Jr., better known as Joe Morton, is a stage and screen actor with an extensive résumé. Born in the Bronx, Morton experienced the world at a very young age due to his father’s position in the military. Upon returning to New York City, Morton received a degree in drama from Hofstra University and made his acting debut in the 1968 Broadway hit Hair.

Throughout his prolific acting career, Morton has demonstrated his versatility appearing in a variety of television programs including MASH, Law and Order, narrating the PBS documentary series The Great Depression, and directing several movies and television shows. Notably, Morton’s work on the series Equal Justice (1990) and Tribeca (1993) earned him NAACP awards. In addition to his television work, Morton has also appeared in over 70 movies and was nominated for a Tony Award for his part in the Broadway musical Raisin.