Visions in the Dark - The Life of Pinky Thompson

About This Episode

Myron "Pinky" Thompson thought bigger than himself and further than the single cause at hand. He fought hard against the stigma of an inferior Native Hawaiian, and a multifaceted cultural identity became key to their ultimate survival. He championed a health care system, created invaluable educational programs and strengthened the pride of Native Hawaiians. He envisioned an ideal Hawaiʻi that no one else saw and fought for it from the battle fields of Normandy, down the steps of congress, to his humble home in Niu valley.

Visions in the Dark: The Life of Pinky Thompson celebrates the life of this great figure in Hawaiian history. His legacy lives on through his work as a social worker and community leader, including his leadership posts at Kamehameha Schools and the Polynesian Voyaging Society.