Journals of a Wily School

About This Episode

On the hot and crowded streets of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), 3,000 pickpockets ply their trade every day, 300 of them circulating through police custody at any given time. Journals of a Wily School goes inside the world of petty thieves, and the detectives who doggedly pursue them.

In Journals of a Wily School, director Sudeshna Bose follows a young and talented pickpocket named Azad Jalaluddin. While his sisters attend school, Azad spends his days picking pockets, using drugs and binging on Bollywood films. His father voices frustration over his wayward son who fancies himself a don and compares himself to the stars of the big screen.

Inevitably, Azad lands himself in jail. Police detective Bidhan Saha, a hard-nosed cop with a fatherly bent, takes Azad under his wing, offering him a pardon and salary if he will turn in his fellow thieves. The detective, convinced of Azad’s promise to do so, works diligently to build rapport, even visiting his home. Being given a second chance, and hope for redemption, what will Azad choose? Collaboration or incarceration?