I Was Worth 50 Sheep

About This Episode

16-year-old Sabere was only seven when her father died in war. Following a long-practiced tradition in Afghanistan, she was sold at the age of 10 to 50-something Golmohammad, a member of the Taliban. During the next six years, Sabere was both slave and wife, even becoming pregnant four times yet miscarrying each time. She managed to escape and after much effort, Sabere made her way to a women's shelter.

Meanwhile, Sabere's widowed mother remarried to avoid bringing shame on the family. She gives birth to a daughter named Farzane but struggling to make ends meet, Farzane's father sells her to a man when she turned 10-years-old. Her price: 10 sheep per year over five years (a total of 50) and a piece of dry-farming land. When the full amount has been paid, he will take possession of her.

I Was Worth 50 Sheep is the tale of these two sisters and their struggle for human dignity and freedom in a war-torn country caught between ancient traditions and a modern world.