Your Vote 2016

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With a celebration (Independence Day), the choices to be nominated (at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions) and the impending presidential debates, the months of July through September lend themselves to an examination of America's past and present anticipation for its future. The super-charged political climate of the election year has the parties and its base of voters similarly prioritizing its top five issues (Gallup; June 2016)...but where do they stand? In a time where it seems any aspect of U.S. politics has the potential to shift drastically, WORLD Channel digs deeper to provide a diverse perspective on many of these pervasive issues (including economy, gun control, health care, immigration, race relations, among others) through its slate of programming.

As the nation nears a boiling point on both ends of the political spectrum, these stories and decisive conversations serve as a reminder that one thing is crucial in defining America's future: your vote. #YourVote2016

Your Vote 2016

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