The Strength of Women

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In Mao Zedong's own words, "women hold up half the sky." But if the roles of girls and women are critical to the world, why are they often at a disadvantage? Lingering disparities continue to threaten women's rights around the globe. From non-traditional roles on the battlefield to modern-day human trafficking, WORLD Channel's focuses on a selection of inspiring and heartbreaking personal stories on the plight of women near and far --- highlighting tales of friendship, artists forgotten and well-known, pioneers in fields as diverse as comedy and space, and the struggles of girls and women even in our background.

Throughout March, a diverse showcase of programming celebrates and honors women like Pancho Barnes and the aviatrixes of the sky, masters within the arts Sonia Sanchez and Florence B. Price, and the extraordinary strength of Wilhemina Dixon and Monique Verdin. And the next generation of Ms. Presidents.

The Strength of Women

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