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As incarceration and recidivism rates soar for communities of color in the United States, WORLD Channel presents films on issues related to prisons and jails, citizens’ re-entry, and persistent systemic challenges around drug addiction and incarceration. This timely group of criminal justice-themed documentaries strives to educate and engage audiences around the state of criminal justice today and the possibilities of restorative justice.

Three featured films to be showcased on the award-winning series America ReFramed - MILWAUKEE 53206, Beyond the Wall and The Corridor - provide a rare "insider's view" of those dealing first hand with the contradictions of the U.S. criminal justice system and the aftermath of incarceration for individuals and families who wrestle with socio-economic barriers to reform and re-entry. Perhaps most importantly, the films introduce to viewers people and places across the country, whose diverse views and experiences they might otherwise not encounter.

WORLD will also host a series of free online events to provide opportunities for audiences to engage with the stories beyond broadcast, including Facebook Live events on April 2nd and 9th. Join the conversation all April long using the hashtag #WORLDxReEntry.

Watch FB Live preview of three America ReFramed films with the filmmakers:

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