In the WILD!

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Raccoons and Sharks and Kangaroos. Oh My!

Join WORLD Channel "In the WILD" as we explore the complex and evolving world of nature from the eyes of Earth's inhabitants. Covering Earth from land to sea to air, the thirty-plus films educate, reveal, surprise and touch the heart. From series NATURE to NOVA and My Wild Affair to Sex in the Wild and Your Inner Fish, see inside the minds of birds and dogs; share in the bond between a man and a seal; witness the births of a joey and calves; and learn about our connection to fish, reptiles and monkeys.

Also in August on WORLD, celebrating the care of and experiences had in the wilderness through astounding stories of environmental degradation, the balance of habitats, climate change, and the responsibility for our ecosystem. The programming challenges us with how to preserve the planet while serving both human and animal populations.

In the WILD!

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