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From land to sea to air, the only planet we know as home is in a state of environmental crisis. To become the powerhouse it is today, China turned from communism to capitalism, experiencing rapid industrialization in over a decade. This led to the modernization of a society and a growing middle class that once was living in poverty. But the country is now paying a high price with the public's health; a 2015 Berkeley Earth study found that "observed air pollution is calculated to contribute to 1.6 million deaths/year in China."

In the United States, the attention is on Flint, Michigan. How did this trickle-down effect happen in our own backyard? With the auto industry no longer employing the majority of residents, people with the means to moved while the rest stayed because it was the only choice. The economy of the city without its citizens is an unstable one, and crime and poverty rose. The water crisis is now a story of what happens to an American city neglected. Could another Flint be on the horizon?

In the month that celebrates Earth Day (April 22nd), WORLD Channel brings to you over forty stories of people fighting for the preservation of the environment, wildlife worth protecting for the next generation and the trouble with our relationship with the planet.


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