Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

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Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, a celebration of and tribute to Asians and Pacific Islanders who have contributed to culture, history, society and tradition in the United States. Representatives Frank Horton (New York) and Norman Y. Mineta (California), and Senators Daniel Inouye (Hawaii) and Spark Matsunaga (Hawaii) introduced a heritage week in 1977 with two bills. Both passed in the House and Senate, and it was signed as a Joint Resolution the following year by President Jimmy Carter. The week officially became a month in 1992.

WORLD Channel honors Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month with a showcase of stories by, about and for this community of difference from series China's Challenges, Japanese American Lives, Global Voices, Local, USA and Pacific Heartbeat. In exploring the very core of what this diverse identity is in America today and beyond, documentaries, such as E Haku Inoa: to Weave A Name and The Grace Lee Project, will also be featured during this heritage month.

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

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