America at a Crossroads

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After the historic 2016 election, America finds itself at a crossroads. People across the nation worry about major changes that have taken place or are being proposed, and there’s deeply-felt, sometimes harsh debate about how to move forward on health care, immigration, taxes, foreign affairs and more.

Through a year-long theme called “America at a Crossroads,” WORLD Channel will curate stories that examine the issues we are all facing today. July kicks off the theme with an examination of a key health crisis: the opioid addiction epidemic that has left its mark on people and communities in rural and urban America, from working class and middle America to the rich and famous, from coast to coast.

Future months will see examinations of elder care and its enormous toll on families, suicide and mental health among millennials, the impact of immigration on local economies, and the struggle for young people to transition from high school to work.

America at a Crossroads

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